The IT Crowd

This weekend I found a blog post that led me to Channel 4 and the new British sitcom The IT Crowd.  Not having read any reviews of the show, I started watching it with a clear mind (okay, you can stop laughing now) and no great expectations.

One of the first things that I noticed is that it is stuffed full of every stereotype known and the attention to detail in each of those is unbelievable.  The fake phone call was one that almost made me piss myself (and we all know that the winter hasn’t been cold enough to require that kind of warming up) laughing.  I also loved the relentless pursuit of the conversation even when the blood is dripping off the chin (it reminded me of an incident that involved my boss, a cupboard and a finicky serial cable).

The opening show provided enough story to advance my knowledge of the characters to the point of making me want to know what happens in the basement.  If you don’t trust me, then here’s the Sydney Morning Herald’s review.

I’m the Igloo Coder and I’m wondering if I should recommend that Mr. Uninstall go for an audition.