FireFox acting like a memory sucking pig

FireFox is great.  Tabbed browsing rocks.  Extensions make me giggle with glee.  Like Raymond Lewallen states in his post here, FireFox (v1.0.7) is really starting to piss me off.  I’m getting the same type of symptoms that he does.  Sometime five tabs open, often just one.  I’ve even seen this behaviour when I click on a link that opens a new FireFox window.  The only solution is to kill the process.  I’ve tried waiting, but 20 minutes is the far reaches of my patience for something like this.

To the blokes (and lasses) working on FireFox, great product and kudos all around.  Now that we’re done all the back slapping and market share partying, let’s sit back down and fix this issue.  Let’s not even call it an issue.  It’s a bug.  A system crashing bug.  So much for the philosophy that open-source software will not have the problems that company’s like MS face.