YWCA Tribute to Women of Distinction -- Inroads 2007

I received an email at work the other day saying that one of Edmug‘s members had just been awarded a prestigious distinction.  It seems that the nomination of this person had passed me, and most people from what I hear, by.  So late, but with no less congratulation….

Christina Gray was nominated for the Inroads category of the YWCA of Edmonton‘s Tribute to Women of Distinction Awards this year (2007).  When I first heard the title Inroads, I was lost for a definition.  Here it is for you.

for a woman recognized for making inroads into non-traditional or new career areas, such as industry and the trades, or fields related to environmental, scientific or technology-based work in Edmonton and area.

What I know of Christina.  Well, she’s been a stalwart attendee of Edmug’s monthly event and our first annual Code Camp.  At times she has been the only female attendee at them.  Not only an attendee, Christy has participated in Edmug by presenting and being our saving grace one night where she offered and organized her work location on a moment’s (literally) notice.

It’s one thing to participate in those ways, it’s entirely different to be the mentor for new programmers that she is.  Regularly during the conversations I have with her she mentions how she’s working to expose her current students to more in programming by bringing them out to Edmug to meet, greet and learn.

Here’s how the program at the Gala introduced her.

After working as a Microsoft certified trainer for 4 years, Christina Gray returned to Dev Studios in Edmonton to become the lead instructor for the software development program. As the only female instructor in a traditionally male dominated field, she has dramatically influenced the perceptions of students and staff. Christina also provides strong mentorship for the few women who are already involved in the technological industry and students at Dev. Through her enthusiastic work in the non-profit and political sectors, she is a role model for her students. With energy and passion, the inroads Christina has made in this industry has forged the path for those that follow.

Christina, on behalf of all of us running and attending Edmug, congratulations.  A more fitting and deserving recipient could not be found.  Oh, and get a blog so I can link to it ;)