The inaugural Edmonton .NET User Group meeting set a high bar

Tonight we had our first meeting of the Edmonton .NET User Group and were proud to play host to Jean-Paul Boodhoo. For a first meeting, we sure packed them in (approximately 45 people) and surprisingly very few left when the Oilers’ game started. I was very happy with the fact that so many of the attendees were people that I had not seen before. New face, new ideas and some great questions that really pushed Jean-Paul and even put him on the spot to justify the cost of writing 10 lines of test code for one line of production code.

With a great crowd, I was very happy to be handing out some fabulous swag. Our sponsors came through with some great books, a Visual Studio & SQL Server license and a set of reSharper and dotTrace licenses. All in all I think that we had a great meeting and hopefully people left happy and more knowledgeable.

I’m the Igloo Coder and I’m just going to bask in the glow if you don’t mind. Tomorrow it’s back to work.