Why do 3rd party software developers continue to insult us with their
ease of use statements?   Have they not used their own
creations?  Have they no idea that there usually is competition in
their marketplace and, god forbid, that competition may have some good
ideas that need to be built on?  Don’t they know that we pay so
they get paid?  Do platform standards mysteriously disappear
during their development cycle?

Do we really have to put up with it?  Ultimately no.  But
realistically, yes……In some cases.  We could all build our own
controls and add-ons, but who can invest the resources to build a
product that can offer the same, and hopefully better, functionality of
Crystal Reports or a grid control?  If developers would create
their own simple controls, we’d eliminate a big pile of crap straight
off.  Maybe then some good 3rd party developers would be put out
of work, look for new jobs, end up working for companies who build
these monstrosities and we’d have better products to use.

It’s the Circle of Life…..