Hey ReSharper...Shake your heads!

Maybe it’s the 3 NeoCitroen’s that I’ve had in the last hour.  Maybe it’s the Tylenols too.  Heck, maybe it’s the combination of the two with this craptacular illness as a side dish.  Any way you look at it I’m irked.  Well, I’ll actually be brash and say I’m more than a little peeved.

Dear Mr/Mrs JetBrains,

Resharper is a fantastic product.  My productivity has gone up immensely since I started working with your software.  I love how I can Ctrl-Alt-V my way to a new variable, or the way I can Ctrl-Insert and Ctrl-Enter my way to a plethora of great refactorings.  Even with those great features there is one thing that just flat out sucks.

Why do I have to Alt-R-O my way to resetting the Resharper short cuts so many times each day?  It was really funny during my training when JP was saying “…and now I’ll have to refresh my Resharper shortcuts”.  It was mildly amusing when he had to do it in the middle of his last Edmug presentation.  I’m finding this little Resharper feature to be less than cute now that it is happening to me.

I understand that if I am adding a new File Template that I may need to reset the short cuts.  Actually now that I’m thinking of it, I don’t understand why.  If it has to be done, why isn’t it happening automagicallly when I save the File Template or close the Resharper Options window.  The truly annoying part of this isn’t that the Alt-R-N-C (along with other File Templates) is not available when I need it, but instead it’s the fact that after I reset the shortcuts I am presented with the request to choose Resharper or Visual Studio shortcuts for my system.  I know you have to ask this in some circumstances, but it gets old really quick when you’re seeing it a few times a day.  Worse yet is the fact that I don’t get this window just once, but usually at least twice after each Reset Shortcut incident.

Resharper is all about a great user experience in the Visual Studio IDE.  Having to Reset Shortcuts once a day does nothing to better my experiences.  Please do something to rectify this.