Community Server and Medium Trust environments

I’ve been setting up my new laptop with all the requisite software for me to blog while on the road and today I decided to install w.bloggar v4.00 as my posting tool. Setting it up is to post to a Community Server 2.0 site is not as intuitive as one might think. When you open the w.bloggar setup wizard you’re greeted with a dropdown list holding a schwack of different blogging server softwares. Community Server doesn’t appear in the list though. I was lucky enough to find this article by Scott Watermasysk which will walk you through each setting with some darn fine screen shots included. When I got to the last step of the w.bloggar configuration (enter user name and password) I clicked the finish button and was greated with a dialog box displaying the following text

      _**Operation could destabilize the runtime

It turns out that the metablog.ashx file will not run in a Medium trust environment. If you can make changes to the web.config file on your host server, you can fix this by changing the level attribute, in the trust element, from Medium to High (see this MSDN item for more info). This did fix the issue, but it wasn’t as straight forward to determine the root cause of the error as it should have been.

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