CS Upgrade

I spent part of the weekend working on upgrading the blog to Community Server 2.0 for .Net 2.0.  I didn’t have any problems performing the upgrade (other than the fact the upload of the new application took hours).

The only problem that I ran into during the process was getting the blog reconfigured to run from the root of my server.  There is a helpful blog posting by Dan Bartels that got me started but a few things were still non-functional when I completed.

When I tried to open archived month folders, specific posts and the comments sections, among others, I would get redirected to a page not found error.  It turns out that the URLs being substitued for these links did not include my first level domain in them (i.e. http://archive/2006/03.aspx instead of http://www.igloocoder.com/archive/2006/03.aspx).

To fix this problem I opened the SiteUrls.config file and made the changes to some of the url elements.  In the path attribute for the elements there was a value of ##blogdirectory## and I replaced that with blogs/.  I didn’t make this change in all locations, but rather changed one at a time, as I found incorrect URLs on the website, and retested them.  I’m sure that some of the values I neglected to change will need to be changed in the future as I find places that the site is not working.

I’m the Igloo Coder and I think I’ve been hogging the seal skins at night.