Scoble complains about Engadget

I have a distant admiration of Robert Scoble.  He’s doing things in new ways and that’s admirable, but sometimes I read his posts and I think “WTF?”  This morning was one of those times.  Wee Bobby posted a bit of a rant about the fact that Engadget didn’t pick up his vidcast about Intel’s recent breakthrough in chip manufacturing.  I say Wee Bobby, because the post came across like some 8th grade kid complaining because his book report was given an A not an A+.

I understand that Scoble is excited about a great interview on a topic that was headline news in a number of international newspapers.  Actually, I find it admirable that he has such a passion for what he does that he’d get up and publicly show his disappointment.  My problem what the tone that his disappointment took.  Robert, you know, I know, and your readers know that whinging isn’t becoming.  Don’t be a whinger.

Let’s face the facts, Engadget is an independent company and that’s what makes them so valuable to you.  If you can get your story picked up by them you and your company will reap the rewards of industry validation of that story.  Part of that independence that you covet is the fact that Engadget reserves the right to choose what they cover.  They run their business by a set of revenue generating and ethical guidelines.  Within those guidelines they reserve the right to choose what they do.  They made the choice not to choose your story.  The content may have been part of that choice or it may not have been.  The simple fact is that they didn’t want to run it.  Welcome to the real world.  Just because you’re an A-List blogger and you get a great quote in your story, it doesn’t guarantee you anything.  Learn to live with the disappointments like the rest of us.