Poker Night

Last night I was out playing some poker with friends (both new and old) at Justice’s place. Although I’ve played a fair bit of poker online, this was my first attempt at playing live. This certainly was no high stakes game but it was one of the most entertaining evenings that I’ve had in quite a while. The mix of people ranged from experienced to a couple of guys that had never played the game at all. I figured that playing a live game would be quite a bit different than online, but I never thought that I’d be shaking so hard when I first started out. After about 15 minutes I had calmed down and things just started rolling (really guys, I did have pocket Kings). We played 3 games in which I finished 3 of 6, 2 of 9 and 4 of 7.

Probably the most distracting things were Justice’s insistence that Little House on the Prairie had to be on in the background and the fact he would constantly say Charles’ lines just before they were said on the TV. Some people just think that they have to be the center of attention. I did catch him with my camera phone, during a break in the TV action, actually playing a hand. Look at his intense concentration. I think he knew that Rockarts was bluffing.