NDoc 2 is dead

The fact that NDoc 2 will no longer be pursued by Kevin Downs is a drag. NDoc has been on my list of things to integrate into my build process for quite some time and losing it means that the Sandcastle project will now be unopposed in the .NET 2.0 arena. I’m not going to go off on some rant about how Microsoft has a monopoly and this is just one more area. I do however like competition in an area. I’m sure Sandcastle is going to be great, but in order to keep any product in any market from becoming stagnant a competitor is needed. Look what products like ReSharper and CodeSmith have done for the native refactoring abilities of Visual Studio.

I’m the Igloo Coder and here’s hoping that NDoc 2 gets revived by a group of people who were as passionate about it as the last.