My Window

So I’m sitting here at work this morning dreading the fact I will be
working on the Physical Model to bind them all.  It’s a stunning
day outside and with the long weekend on us (one of only three each
year where we northerners can hope for nice warm weather) I’m itching
to be anywhere but here at my desk.  While I was sitting here
trying to muster the energy to start being productive (some would say I
need much more energy), I caught a glimps of some movement out of the
corner of my eye.

Floating over the river valley were two hot air balloons. 
Occaisionally I see them and every time I wonder at their simple
elegance, peacefulness and grace.

For a few seconds I even thought it was worth dealing with Gollum to
have this desk and see the balloons.  I, unlike the balloons, have
come back to earth now and must appease Gollum with the Physical Model
to bind them all.