Source Control? What a hassle...

Yesterday I heard on of the funniest things ever. I have a feeling that
this will become a regular thing. It’s just the way the guy is. He
can’t help it. He’s funny when being serious.
So Buddy decides to go to the guy in charge of the development team and
archtecture (we’ll call him Slim) and states “Having the code in VSS is
such a hassle. When someone has a file checked out I can’t work on it.”
Now let me kick back in my chair and think about this logic. Okay, I’ve
thought about it and I can not find a good argument for that logic.
Even saying that you could save the time of not installing VSS doesn’t
cut it. So Buddy goes on to say “We could just come to an agreement and
the part of the code that I’m working on doesn’t need to be in source
control then.” Hmmmmmmmmm….let’s put some of the project in source
control, but not all of it. In the end the unsaid reason for not using
source control was becuase it was too much work for the developer to
check in and check out. Ahhhhhhhh…….glad I’m not the one who has to
deal with this. I just get to sit in my chair trying not to laugh

Marbourough New Zealand –2004 Cloudy Bay, Sauvignon Blanc – 18.95
–Very fruity. Perhaps a little sweeter than I might expect.