Called out by Mrs. L.

So I got called out by Mrs. Loquacious last week.  Apparently I don’t write enough human interest pieces on this blog for her liking.  Well, maybe after this post she’ll regret the fact that I ever wrote one.

So here are the 8 things that Mrs. L. never wanted to know about me.

  1. I’m sarcastic.  I leave you to determine if the rest of this post is employing any sarcasm.  If you can provide the right identification (leave a comment) to the points employing sarcasm and you’re single, female (sorry Justice) and even remotely close to my igloo I will get back to you in a snap.
  2. I love to cook.  It could be anything from barbeque to home-made pasta.  I love simple food, not because there’s less work involved, but because I think that simple food tastes great.  One of my dreams is to be able to take a year or two off of work and go to a really good cooking school.  I don’t want to do this as a career change, but rather as a personal journey where I can learn and practice with passion.
  3. I love to eat.  Thank goodness for number two on this list because I love to eat what I think is quality food.  I don’t get any enjoyment from eating fast food or chain restaurant meals.  I love food from one-off establishments or, better yet, home cooked.  My favourite style of food would probably be Mexican, but you wouldn’t find me choosing any one type of food over another on many occasions.
  4. I read a lot.  I find that I flip from reading only novels for a few months to reading nothing but technical books for a few months.  Regardless, I will read just about anything.
  5. I enjoy teaching technology people about technology.  It’s a passion of mine that I’m starting to re-explore this area in a more professional way than I have before.  Teaching and spreading knowledge is one of the biggest reasons that I’m participating in the operation of the Edmonton .NET User Group.
  6. Traveling is something that I love to do.  When most people say this they mean that they enjoy traveling to exotic places abroad.  Although I enjoy that type of traveling, I think that too many people look past the natural and social wonders that we have here in Canada.  I think the BC Kootenays are one of my favourite places in the world and one day I’ll move out there and ply my trade (plumbing by that point I’m sure).
  7. In 1988 I participated in the Olympic Torch Relay for the Calgary Winter Olympics.  I carried the torch through the entire town of Cache Creek (yes, it really is that small).  I was featured on the front page of the Kamloops Daily News and in the Vancouver Sun or Province (I can’t remember which).
  8. In 1997 I finished 3rd at the Canadian College Rodeo Finals in the bull riding.  I was riding one week after having surgery on my arm to insert a plate and seven screws to repair a broken ulna.  I rode bulls for close to three years and got on about 200 bulls in that time.  I never was good enough riding to make it to the Calgary Stampede as a contestant, but I did visit emergency rooms in Olds, Red Deer, Taber, Lethbridge, Dawson Creek and Beaverlodge.  Emergency room nurses are great, but I think I’ll try to meet them a different way than on a gurney.

I’ll now give you a bonus point in non-point format.  I don’t forward spammy emails.  I’m going to make the same rule here.  Mrs. L, I’ve answered this so that I don’t have to be harassed by you on this subject (and because it was a little fun too), but I’m not tagging anyone else.