Multiple Daily Scrums in Edmonton

I know that there are a number of different teams here in Edmonton using SCRUM to one degree or another.  Starting today things get different here.  Tell me your team could survive this daily scrum. 

Edmonton is playing host to the Women’s Rugby World Cup from August 30th to September 17th.  This will be an awesome tourney and I hope they get great crowds out for all the matches.  Edmonton also plays host to the Churchill Cup, a yearly tourney with some great international mens and womens squads.  I’ve heard rumors that Commonwealth Stadium) will be changing from natural turf to artificial at some point.  I hope that this is not the case.  If they do this we (Edmonton) will not be hosting great international events like this.  I know they’re probably thinking about this when they make the turf decision, but let’s face it rugby, and Rugby Canada, don’t have enough following in Canada or Edmonton to stop the change if it’s going to happen.  So folks, just in case the turf does change, get out and see the WRWC and high grade rugby here in Edmonton while you can.