Cruise Control .NET 'Ticks' error

For the first time in a long time today I had a build fail on our automated build machine.  So to start investigating the error I fired up the Cruise Control .NET Dashboard and found this lovely error greeting me.

CruiseControl.NET Dashboard error

After some searching on the internet I was able to determine that there is a difference in the data type used by the Ticks property in .NET 1.1 and .NET 2.0. This is what causes the problems with CCNet.  The solution was to open the ccnet.exe.config and ccservice.exe.config files and change the startup blocks to have the latest .NET version commented out.

   <!–<supportedRuntime version=”v2.0.50727” />–>
   <supportedRuntime version=”v1.1.4322” />
   <supportedRuntime version=”v1.0.3705” />

The next thing I had to do was restart the CruiseControl.NET Server service (you will have to restart the ccnet.exe if you were running this manually).

After all of this I restarted my brower and my page was back running.  Now the reason for the build failing was a failing unit test, but we’ll get into my thoughts on that another time.