A geek you say?

Let me tell you how surprised I was to hit the CBC website this morning and see that a Canadian had won the Miss Universe competition. I’ll also say that I just about collapsed when I saw that she was a student at Ryerson studying Information Technology Management. When I went to school for my tech stuff there was nobody that even came close to have those physical qualities in my class. Sure there was one guy who, when asked what his previous career had been, stated “Porn Star”, but he wasn’t really all that good looking.
I was also interested to see that this young lass typifies what Canadians are. She’s a Russian immigrant and approximately 99.83% of Canadians are immigrants or descendants of immigrants. This is one of the things that I think makes Canada such a great place. In typical Canadian fashion I will define our country by comparing it to the United States. In the US they are proud of the fact that their nation is a “Melting Pot” of people and this is good. I however see that the Melting Pot definition is one that requires all new comers to become “American”. In Canada we have no such term for our societal makeup. When people immigrate to Canada they are welcomed for what they are, not what they become. We openly admit and brag that we are a nation of others first and yet strong and proudly united under the term Canadian as well.