One order of MSMQ, a glass of .NET and a side of COM

I haven’t been posting much about the technical aspects of the work
that I’ve been doing.  The primary reason is that all I’ve been
working on is data modelling and writing the data layer for the
app.  Last week I started working more exciting things.  One
of the things that this application needs to do is asynchronously run a
couple of different processes.  To accomplish this we are going to
use MSMQ.  According to our architect (Aragorn, to whom I am ever grateful)
we should really be using BizTalk, but, alas, it would take most of
next year to get the application approved and installed into the
client’s environment, so we are just going to skip the easy route and
take the hardest possible route available.

One of the things that I’m going to have to write today is the ability
to read a message from the queue, perform some operations and, upon
success of those operations, remove the message from the queue. 
We also are going to “pause” the queue during times when the
datasources aren’t available.  I’ll write more about how we
accomplished this later, but today I just wanted to post a link to a posting from ISerializable that has some good stuff about MSMQ.