Alt.NET Day 1

Unlike most people I showed up fashionably late to the show. I managed to squeek in 2 double Jose Cuervos with the nerd herd before retiring to the front lobby to discuss geeky topics. We indulged ourselves on the possibility of mbUnit becoming the one framework to provide to them all (unit, integration, system and other types of testing), the state of the world and Tom‘s fascination with men. Yes, Tom decided to hit on every person in the group at one time. The first statement went something like “At least you guys are good looking, because you sure ain’t smart”. That was followed by “She’s pretty hot….for a girl”. It’s official, going to Texas has made Tom come out of the closet.

More on Tom’s new predilictions and the state of the Justice saga to come.

Also note the post by Jeffrey Palermo about the new MVC implementation coming out of Microsoft. This is going to be a sweet ass presentation to start the day with.