DevTeach 2007 Vancouver

It’s coming up fast folks. For all you Canadians out there, be prepared to book your flights (or change them if they’re already booked) on Sunday the 25th so that you can catch the 2:30pm PST start of the CFL’s Grey Cup.

Jean-Rene is putting DevTeach on in the west for the first time and there are going to be a lot of westerners going for the first time. You’ll be able to catch a beer with Bil, a Shirley Temple with Justice, anything with higher alcohol content that American beer with Dave, Corona’s with Steve Yang (get a blog buddy!), saki with Kovacs, water with Shane, Pilsner with D’Arcy and scotch with me.

As you can tell, there may be a bit of drinking occuring at this conference. Watch here for the details on where we’re going to meet up for the Grey Cup party. Also, don’t forget that Monday night will be Party with Palermo.

Not to rain on everyone’s week of drinking, but I will probably be staying almost sober…..ah who are we kidding here…. On Tuesday morning @ 11am I’ll be in the Parksville room (hungover I’m sure) presenting on CruiseControl.NET and nAnt. Yes folks, I got called up from the minor leagues and I’m going to the big show. Drop by to heckle or possibly learn…fine…just heckle.