Alt.NET Day 3, Session 1 -- Getting the message out

This was a brilliant discussion about what we in the Alt.NET community need to do to propogate our message. The great part was that we had people from the Patterns & Practices group, MSDN Magazine and MSDN Architecture and they were the ones driving the group to be more visible.

The thing that was discussed for more than a minute was that we need to tell the world the things that we learned two, three and four years ago. When we were learning them we weren’t good and speaking about what we were learning. We knew what we had learned, but putting it into a cohesive and comprehedable message wasn’t our strong point. In the time that has passed we’ve figured out how to say things better. All you have to do is look through blogs to see this.

Watch for a more consolidated conversation presented through a number of different channels (I feel like I’m in marketing after that sentence).