Desert Code Camp -- The Night Before

Tom and I made it into the Phoenix/Tempe (pronounced tem-PEE we’ve been told, not TEMP-eh?) yesterday.  First impressions:  Holy crap it’s hot!  We stepped out of the airport and into the direct path of a blast furnace.  I suppose if we are acclimated to Canadian winters, people can get used to these summers.  Regardless, it’s just not comfortable for people like us.

In the afternoon we hit Mill Avenue in downtown Tempe and found a nice Irish pub.  If you’re ever in the area, Mill Avenue appears to be a lively and well visited part of the town.  Located next to Arizona State University, there is a vibrant community and some fantastic looking venues.

Lorin had a small gathering in a park near Mill Avenue where we met some of the locals and other speakers.  Probably the most shocking thing was that the sun went down at 630pm and 2 hours later it was still over 100F.  Did I say that it stayed hot here?

After some socializing, a small group of us went to the bar in Monti’s and had some more laughs, talks and beverages.  I have to say that I traveled about 1400 miles to get damn close to the Mexico border and then we found the one place in all of Tempe that didn’t have nachos.  Such is my luck!