The transformation of an igloo

I finally got some time today to migrate my blog from Community Server to SubText. Part of the transformation also includes the unveiling of my new logo. Stuart at Design Goblin has done a fantastic job working with me to come up with the face of igloocoder.com Consulting Inc.

Part of the transformation was for me to migrate all of the data from the CS database into the SubText database. I posted here in the past about some of the ridiculous data storage that I found in CS and I managed to overcome them. Here’s a SQL script that you use to make the conversion. Read the info in the header comments to see what you will need to change in the script to make it work. If you look through my blog, you can see that it converts pretty much everything that you need. I didn’t run anything other than the script to get the content into the state you see here.

This skin is a work in progress. Over the next month I’m going to clean it up and get it working in a way that I’m happy with. In the mean time, if you see anything not working, ill-formatted or just plain wrong, drop me a note and I’ll add it to my fix list.