Development Project Archetypes

As part of writing our book, Kyle and I have spent some time coming up with archetypes that exist on many of the software projects that we’ve been on. Our goal is just to describe what we’ve seen so that people can better identify them in their journeys. Of course this had to be written in a dry, sarcastic manner. I’m going to keep updating this post with the links for the new archetypes as I post the series.

  1. Ivory Tower Architect
  2. The Absentee Client
  3. The Disenfranchised Client
  4. The Process-Heavy PM
  5. The Front of the Magazine Architect
  6. The Ex-Tech Project Manager
  7. The Disinterested Developer
  8. The Skeptic
  9. The “Experienced” Developer
  10. The Hero Developer
  11. The Over Protective DBA
  12. The Enhancing Tester/QA
  13. The ‘Oooo…Shiney!’ Developer
  14. The Possessive Developer