The Ex-Tech Project Manager

Resuming the Development Project Archetypes series

Monday morning and the Ex-Tech PM appears on the edge of the status meeting as an observer to the team’s daily ritual. One by one the developers tell of their current work and its state. As one developer mentions that there will be some design work in his day ahead, the Ex-Tech PM interjects with “We used to do <something> when I was an RPG developer. You should look into doing that too.” The team continues through the standup and when completed the Ex-Tech PM corners the developer to provide more details about his idea.

Over the next few days the developers come up with a solution (different from the PM’s, naturally) and it is mentioned at the morning status meeting. On hearing this, the Ex-Tech PM becomes adamant that the team didn’t put enough consideration into his idea and the results of his project five years ago justify the same solution be used here and now.

Luckily, the Ex-Teach PM is easily appeased. A simple “yes, you’re right, dear” will keep him at bay until he has long forgotten the issue.