The Process-Heavy PM

Another in the archetypes series

This person is one of the most feared by developers around the world. While the team is working to deliver software, he is asking them to write action reports and detailed impact analysis documents and any number of other reports he needs to grease his process and document pacifier. Though able to bend Outlook and Microsoft Project to his will, the simplest of changes, like re-scheduling a recurring meeting, will throw the Process-Heavy PM into a fetal position. It will take him days to recover from the disruption to his carefully scripted master plan for the project. Suggest that there is no need to type up the minutes for a meeting and watch the blood drain from his face as if you have just sounded the project’s death knell.

While the Process-Heavy PM can be (in our twisted minds) the most fun person on a project to toy with, he will be the one that will, more often than not, have you writing summary documents after your call to order pizza for the team. To counter him, be sure you account for every single second you spend on his process when you fill out the intricately-detailed timesheet he has requested from you.