Okay, I'm a homer, but....

Have you ever seen any event, sporting, cultural (is there a difference when you talk hockey?) or emotional where the guy who is paid to sing the national anthem, just stops. This was a good kind of stopping. Not that “Oops, I forgot the words” or “I can’t sing while you boo my awful voice” kind of stop. Paul Laurier sang the first verse of O Canada tonight at the Oilers game and then he stopped and let the crowd do the singing. And oh did they sing. The belted out the words from down deep where it really matters. The best shot of the singing was Joey Moss standing on the bench, screaming the words out as hard as he could. That kind of thing makes me get all goose-bumpy. Joey Moss rocks!

After all that emotion during the anthem, the teams still managed to start the game with some good old fashioned knock ‘em down, kiss-my-fist hockey.

I’m the Igloo Coder and you can’t tell me that being in a Canadian NHL city during the late playoffs sucks.

And another scrap….I love early eighties hockey!