Why can't more of us be like this?

I’ve worked some crap jobs. I’ve worked some great jobs. The one thing that carries through all these is that at some point I always hated them. I’m not talking about feeling like the morning sucks. I’ve thought “Why the hell do I do this?” at all the jobs.

We all think we’ve been dealt the bad hand at one time or another. The fact is people who have Down Syndrome did get the bad hand and, unlike me or you, they have to play that hand every single day for the rest of their lives. That said, what about a guy who is afflicted with this disease who has risen to be an inspiration, not because of what he accomplishes in the face of the disease, but because of the person that he is. Joey Moss rocks people rarely talk about him. The guy is an icon in Edmonton. He’s got the job that all of us wish we had. The great thing is that he does it better and will do it for longer than you, your buddy, or I would ever be able to. Better yet, the guys who he’s vacuuming for feel inspired by him. No matter how hard I worked at that job, I just wouldn’t be putting in the same amount of heart that Joey puts into it. That’s what makes him a great inspiration. It’s the heart, the passion and the understated nature that the job gets done.

Here’s a little tribute to a man who’s head and shoulders above the tallest guy on the ice.

Joey with Wayne
Joey presenting the Joey Moss Cup
Ryan Smyth celebrates with Joey during the 06 playoffs
Proudly displaying an Oiler tradition during the playoffs

A great verbal tribute to the longest serving Oiler.

I’m the Igloo Coder and we should all belt it out like Joey!