EnergizeIT 2006

Microsoft Canada is trying out a new style of event in June. EnergizeIT will be a live, day long event in Toronto. The difference with this event is that everyone who isn’t part of the center of the universe will have the opportunity to participate via live and delayed, two way webcasts. Here in Edmonton, like all other places that think the Maple Leafs suck, we have the option to create a local mini-event that will bounce the feeds from Toronto onto a projection screen. We’re not too sure if this is going to happen (EnergizeIT is on the 24th of June and we have meetings already planned for the 27th and the 29th), but we’re going to take a look into what the logistics are. If the event doesn’t happen you will still be able to connect to the different feeds coming out of TO on your PCs at home.

On a completely separate note, this was the first chance for me to interact with the Edmonton Microsoft User Group. It looks like they are having two events in June as well. Take a look at their site. Looks like they’re into some pretty cool Vista and Office 2007 stuff.

I’m the Igloo Coder and the Oilers are really making it fun to bug the other NHL cities in Canada.