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Prairie Dev Con 2016 Wrapup

Last week I spoke at Prairie Dev Con in wonderful Winnipeg and while the city lived up to it’s moniker of “Winterpeg”, the conference was fantastic! I noticed that there was a lot of buzz around micr

Truly Ergonomic Keyboard

Back in February I joined a bunch of the other WesternDevs to talk about Ergonomics and one of the topics we touched on was ergonomic keyboards. As I said in the podcast, years ago when I worked on a

DDWRT and logentries

I’ve had DD-WRT setup on all the routers/repeaters in my house for a few years now. The platform, generally, is great. It has it’s quirks, and you’re not going to get my mother to install and administ

Using VBCE

One of the things I’ve run into over the years is a need to change USD into CAD. The most common way people will deal with this is to go to their bank and make the currency exchange. The problem with