Prairie Dev Con 2016 Wrapup

Originally posted at: http://www.westerndevs.com/conferences/PrDC-Wrapup-DB/

Last week I spoke at Prairie Dev Con in wonderful Winnipeg and while the city lived up to it’s moniker of “Winterpeg”, the conference was fantastic!

I noticed that there was a lot of buzz around microservices and distributed systems at the conference this year. It seemed like there were endless conversations happening in the halls and at meals about the topic. While there were a lot of sessions that touched on the topic, or topics in the same space, there were a lot of areas that went untouched. For those that missed my sessions or those that are looking for a refresher here are the slide decks.


Additional materials

If you’re interested in diving deeper into microservices I have a Github repo that contains all the articles and videos that I’ve absorbed in the last year. If you find materials that are missing please send me a pull request. I’d love to read/watch more on the subject. https://github.com/dbelcham/microservice-material