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UI Workflow is business logic

Over my years as a programmer I’ve focussed a lot of attention and energy on business logic. I’m sure you have too. Business logic is, after all, a huge part of what our clients/end users want to se

DateTime formatting for fr-CA

I just stumbled across a nice little hidden “feature” in the .NET framework. If you’re running on a machine that has the CurrentCulture set to fr-CA the default DateTimeFormatInfo.CurrentInfo.ShortDa

Microsoft.Data.dll and LightSwitch

Microsoft has made some announcements over the last week or so. The first was Microsoft.Data.dll. I think that Oren adequately wraps up the feelings that I have towards it. The second was the announ

Visual Studio Project files and coupling

The way that we’re told to use Visual Studio is that we create a solution file and add into it one or more project files. Each project file then gets filled with different development artifacts. Whe

Rotating text using Graphics.DrawString

Recently I needed to create a custom WinForms label-like control that allowed for the text to be displayed in a rotated fashion. Our needs were only for four rotation locations; 0 degrees (the defaul

PrairieDevCon 2010 wrapup

Friday past brought the end to the first incarnation of the PrairieDevCon in Regina. The conference had a great buzz of people, interest, conversations and learning about it. It really was a blast to

Where do you start building skills from?

In the past I’ve had to take development teams and build their skills. It was part of what I was hired to do. “Build an app, and at the same time make our developers better.” I’m back at it again a

Winnipeg Code Camp and DevTeach Toronto

It’s been a hectic couple of weeks speaking at Winnipeg Code Camp, the Winnipeg .NET User Group and DevTeach Toronto. All the events were a blast to do. To those who attended, thanks for the great q