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This is every project I think I've worked on....

I think that I was the person in every one of these frames at one time or another. Once you have accomplished that your perspective on the whole software development world does change somewhat.

Am I that scary?

I will admit to the fact that I have been known to try and succeed atintimidating co-workers before, but I’ve moved on from that place in mylife.  With my new job I get to ride the commuter bus f

Ahmerkan Anglish

I just had to do it…..odd for a Canadian to be so southern wouldn’t you say? ### Your Linguistic Profile:55% General American English20% Yankee15% Dixie5% Midwestern5% Upper Midwestern

Put Me In Coach

So, I’ve started my new job at Fujitsu and things are going well. The people are exceptionally nice and I’m looking forward to working with what seems to be a group of nimble and knowledgable minds.


Primary my job is as a software developer, but in the past I have spent a large number or never-to-be-recovered hours installing and configuring network systems. Even when developing I have built, fr

Unexpected Results

Today at work was told that the IsNumeric Function in VB.NET wasn’t returning the results that the developer expected. When I got home I created a sample program that goes through some permutations an


Maybe it’s a guy thing, but as a kid I loved my toys. I had a great all metal 6 wheel grader that I used to landscape with. Since I lived on a thirty thousand acre farm, I had all the sandbox any ch

Geek Posters

I can’t remember if it was when the company I worked for got a shipment of SQL Server or MSDN, but we did get a poster that detailed all the SQL Server 2000 System Tables. Since my office mate and I

SQL 2005

Finally I have gotten around to installing the latest CTP of SQL 2005. I’ve had it sitting here for almost a month now and haven’t had the time to get around to it. I installed it into a Windows XP

What I'm Drinking

I saw this idea on a blog which I can no longer find. Instead of the ubiquitous “What I’m Listening To” foot note on posts, this blogger had a foot note on “What I’m Drinking”. Being that I, like him,


I can now blog about this. During the past couple weeks I’ve been in the process of pursuing a new programming opportunity. As of April 15th I will be leaving my current position and joining the Fujit