Primary my job is as a software developer, but in the past I have spent a large number or never-to-be-recovered hours installing and configuring network systems. Even when developing I have built, from the ground up, at least 3 different security modules. So I can safely say that I have seen a wide variance of different security needs, implementations and, ultimately, uses. I may be versed in the intricacies of User-Group-Permission philosophy and a cassonova I certainly am not, but this takes the cake. Obviously this system was built by junior female developer. How can I say that you ask? To the fairer sex who may be reading this, this is intended to be humorous. Honest. So without further adieu, here are the reasons:

  • The User Interface requires far to much interaction. A well seasoned Pm would have noticed that the device in question was just an ancillary step and would have removed it from the process.

  • The developer interface is extremely complex. By wrapping this in an object and providing a single method (perhaps named ReleasedTheToys?) would provide for a more efficient execution of the code.

  • The security should have been checked when the system was initially opened. If the security values changed during the operation of the system, the security settings should be automatically refreshed – without user interaction. This is one system that logging off and logging onto could potentially throw an unhandled fatal error rendering further use limited or non-existant.

  • Why does the security system only require a password? Does this mean that any unauthenticated user can reach this level, and further, in the system without providing any user credentials? Where I come from this would be considered an easy system.
    Folks, I’m shocked. After Microsoft’s company wide clamp down on security, how do they continue to release such fundamentally flawed systems? On that note, I am the Igloo Coder and I’m left wondering “When reaching this point in an Igloo, how do you type a password with numb fingers?”

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