Put Me In Coach

So, I’ve started my new job at Fujitsu and things are going well. The people are exceptionally nice and I’m looking forward to working with what seems to be a group of nimble and knowledgable minds. I say I’m looking forward to it because, as of right now, I’m “On the Bench”. The contract that I’m supposed to be assigned to hasn’t be singed yet, so I get to try to find ways to fill my time. The first couple of days weren’t so bad as I had a plethora of company propaganda to wade through. Today, however, was a little trying. Luckily my mind wanders easily. It’s also interesting that one of my reasons for leaving my last job was that they weren’t giving me enough work to keep me engaged in the project. I realize that being on the bench will only be a short stint, but all the same I leave one job because I’m bored and go to another where I’m doing nothing.

Gisborne NZ – 2001 Brancott (Montana), Chardonnay – 19.97 – Very nice wine for this hot spring day.