Unable to create offline cache location at.....

Today I got back to work for the first time in a week and the weather outside is not helping my ability to concentrate or be productive.  As is my luck, I get back to work and try to fire up Visual Studio when I was greeted with this error message

“Unable to create offline cache location at C:\Documents and Settings\MyLoginAccount\My Documents\MyApplicationFolder”

After a couple of hours fighting with this I finally figured out what the problem was. If open Visual Studio and go to the Tools | Options menu you will get the configuration window. Expand the Projects folder and select the Web Settings Node below it. Change the Location of Web Projects Cache value to be

C:\Documents and Settings\MyLoginName\VSWebCache

Where C:\ is the value for the drive that holds your Documents and Settings folder and MyLoginName is the login account you are using when you are trying to open Visual Studio. This seemed to work like a charm, but I’m still left wondering why the value changed in the first place.

I’m the Igloo Coder and I’m back to being unproductive with no reason.