Hockey in Canada in the Spring

I live in the northern most city that is the home to an NHL team, the Oilers. Sure it’s spring, but it is early spring here in the City of Champions. That said the weather is awesome. The Oilers are playing in San Jose (crappiest ice in the league?) tonight (they’re up 4-3 in the game right now) and I’m able to sit out on my deck, work on this via wireless, and watch the game through the sliding doors. To top it all off I’m doing it in shorts.

I’m the Igloo Coder and I’m beginning to really enjoy the warm weather, but I do miss the Polar Bear hunting.

Update: Edmonton has just scored to make it 5-3 and I’m really starting to get a kick out of the people in the different apartment buildings getting out on their decks and yelling after every Oilers goal.