Accountants and Guano. Is there a difference?

Last Friday was my first pay day.   On the first day of my
job I spent some time with the company accountant to ensure that the
direct deposit of my pay would work without a hitch.  Hell I even
double checked this.  Sure enough, my pay doesn’t show up in my
account.  Turns out that she missed one portion of my account
info, subsequently leading to my bank refusing the transfer because it
couldn’t find the account.

So this morning when I get to work I mention this to her and received
the very stern comment that “I asked you to verify the information that
I was using and I would assume that you would have taken that
information to your bank and had them check it for you.”  Well
whoop-de-fucking-do to you too.  When the hell am I going to find
the time to get to a damn bank when I work during their business
hours?  So her solution for determining the error and fixing it
for the next time is that I need to spend time on the phone with my
bank, get them to tell me what they can and then report it all to
her.  Short version of the last sentance; The solution was for me
to do her work and tell her how to fix her fuckup.   It’s not
like I didn’t give her a voided cheque for the correct account, 
it’s not like this was her first time setting up direct deposit, its
not like I’m the damn accountant!

In the end I get a paper cheque for my pay, I get the firm assurance
that “We’ll try this again at the end of the month and see what
happens” and I get to find my way, via transit in a new city, to a bank
branch to use an ATM I should never have needed to use.

Perhaps you read this and think that I am overly bitter or distraught
about this situation.  Let me fill you in on the first pay run at
the last company I worked for.  Basically, pay day comes and
goes.  I’m new and haven’t been given any information on how/when
pay days occur.  I wait about 3 days without recieving a cheque at
my desk or in my account via direct deposit.  Finally I ask my
boss if she could tell me if the cheque is in the mail or if I didn’t
get one until the next pay run (I’d only been there for 8 days). 
About 2 minutes after asking these question I hear her yelling at the
top of her lungs that it was completely unacceptable for my pay to be
forgotten.  And that is what had happened; the accountant had
simply forgotten that I should be paid for working there.

Maybe I should find a new job quickly and the third time will be the
charm.  Yeah, accountants will get it right and shit won’t stink.