Installations Crashing the 3rd Party

Once again I’m going to indulge in the systematic and destructive analysis of my new workplace and coworkers.

The 3rd Party……I remember when this was an event that started
shortly after the bars closed (the 1st being a pre-bar get together and
the 2nd being the bar). Now the 3rd party is a group of intelligent
(hopefully) and specialized programmers making things that I, and other
application developers, would rather spend $300 dollars on than go
through the hassle of creating it.

My new development team coworker (why there is only one is another
diatribe entirely) has completely ruled out the use of 3rd party
modules or controls for no reason other than the fact that this
individual believes that they will make the creation of a stable
installation package impossible. Amazingly, shortly after divulging
this to me, the same person went on to tell me that they had never once
been involved in the development of an installation package for any
piece of software. I know that I am not an expert on the development of
installation packages, but I have worked on two or three of them. These
experiences have shown that, with the use of merge modules when
possible and careful development, 3rd party controls are of no concern

I did what I am quickly becoming good at; Nod my head, acknowledge the
concerns, and don’t suggest that I have any experience, or desire to
learn, in the area in question.

I’ve always liked jade.