archive: 2005/10

I'm all geeked up

Yep. I did it. I relived the pressures of my Math 8 final. I’m pretty sure I perspired a bit more at the real final though. I don’t know who this mm53bar guy is, but damn he’s starting to freak me o

MSMQ Triggers and COM Components

The other day I found that any emails you were sending me weren’tgetting through.  One of the emails sitting purgatory was arequest for more info on how to make MSMQ triggers call a COMcomponent.

Programmer Characteristics

I'm sure you've all seen or made jokes about the things that make us programmers such a unique bunch.  Things like socially inept, introverted, and fashionably challenged.  Sure, you

Damn Email

I hadn’t noticed that the email for this darn place wasn’tworking.  You could contact me, but your email would end up inpurgatory.  I also noticed that comments had been disabled. I thi

Coding Responsibilities

Today I saw this article focusing on a statement made, at Secure London 2005, by Howard Schmidt.  The statements included:     _“In software development, we need to have personal q

The End of an Era

Friday was the end of an era.  Buddy moved from our team to becomea burden on someone else’s.  He sprinkled a few gems over the lastfew weeks that had me shaking my head in confusion and awe