The End of an Era

Friday was the end of an era.  Buddy moved from our team to become
a burden on someone else’s.  He sprinkled a few gems over the last
few weeks that had me shaking my head in confusion and awe.

  • “I left my last job because I had to do too much JavaScript and
    UI.”  Sure.  Most of us would rather be doing other things.
    (Slim promptly assigned him to backend C# code.)

  • “I don’t like writing business logic.”  Okay…..but why did
    you take a job with a consulting company then?  We will never be
    doing anyting but UI and business logic, and we already know what he
    thinks of UI.

  • “I want to get back to Java.  Doing .NET has made me be
    treated like a junior programmer.”  Interesting statement for a
    guy with over ten years of experience and an MCSD.  One would
    think good code, but that isn’t the case.  I know this because I’m
    re-writing a lot of what he created.  Maybe it was nothing more
    than a complete lack of interest in what we were doing (see two points
    above), but it certainly makes him look more junior than anyone else on
    the team.

  • “This UI stuff is giving me problems.”  Well….you’re adding an image to a table……hmmm……Ahhhhh, poor muffin….

  • “I have defects in the tracker?  You mean I have to look in
    it?”  Ummmmmm….Easy Aragorn….easy…….  I’m surprise
    that she didn’t do unto him as she might to an Orc.
    Anyways, now who do I have to write about?  I suppose I’ll start writing about technology.