archive: 2004

Moving Day

Today is moving day.  What better day of the year to move than NewYears Eve with a temperature of -26 Celcius.  I have gathered somehelpers who are willing to brave the cold to put this even

Got a Job

It appears that the interview in Edmonton has gone well. They haveoffered me a job for the start of January. The timing is ratherunfortunate as they haven’t offered this to me with the time such thatI


Tomorrow I am going to the Edmonton area for an interview with a smallsoftware company in the agri-business industry.  This is very muchthe dream combination (IT+Agriculture) that I have been see


Being the luddite that I am, I got home last Thursday after work anddidn’t bother checking my voice mail. What programmer really expects tohave a voice mail waiting on their personal phone? A better q

Another day, another dollar

Today I spent 4 hours working on a revamped resume based on thesuggestion of a to be unnamed IT consulting company.  Apparentallythe old one would not get very much interest from potentialemploye

Hello World

So its post #1.  Woopee.  Have you ever watched a cow graze in a field.  Bout that exciting eh? What we’ll try to do here is post some random and perhaps relevant tech stuff as well as