Another day, another dollar

Today I spent 4 hours working on a revamped resume based on the
suggestion of a to be unnamed IT consulting company.  Apparentally
the old one would not get very much interest from potential
employers.  They told me this on Monday and sure enough I get a
call on Wednesday (from another consulting company) and one today from
a small IT firm.  Guess the old resume turned a couple of heads.

The guy on Wednesday seemed optomistic (perhaps not genuinely) for the
chance at a contract doing Crystal Reports dev with Fujitsu. 
Buddy today is from a small company making software for agriculture and
looking for a .NET and report developer.   Since I have
education in both IT and Ag, it would seem a very fine fit. 
Problem with it is that they are talking about a salary that is a 25%
pay cut from my last position.  Benifits are that it is in the
city where I could get some weekend work, and the people that I’m
programming for now might be interested in having me work 20 hrs a week
remotely.  We’ll see what happens.  I’ll try not to get my
hopes up, but it has been since the start of August without work.