It's that time of the year again

For the next week you’re going to be opening your feed aggregator of choice only to be inundated with the “I got an MVP!” posts.  If you’re like me you’ll be thinking “Yeah-yeah-yeah.  Congrats to you, now gimme some geeky goodness on your blog again.”

For what it’s worth I think the MVP program is good for our industry.  As a user group leader (Edmug‘s 1 year anniversary is coming up in April…more on that in another post), the MVP designation tells me that I can count on that individual to show up and present with some semblance of competence.  It’s also easier to sell an MVP speaker to our members just because of the perceived knowledge level that they hold.

Why this post?  Well, let’s just say the email I got from Microsoft on Sunday morning wasn’t an April Fool’s Day joke.  Now if only I could get the damn MVP site working so I could use the logo.  Ah well, I suppose I’m supposed to know something about C# not website usage.  I do look sexy in red though don’t you think?