Blogging from Word 2007

So I wanted to be one of the cool people who posted to their blog from Word 2007. Yah, wanted to be. I’m not going to be tonight. I have the product installed and it seems to run just fine…..with one exception. When I try to connect to my blog with Word, it won’t authenticate the user I’m trying to post with and it doesn’t matter what I try. As is always the cast with beta software you get some quirks, like the continual looping of the request to enter the UserName and Password for posting. Yep, you can’t get out of it. Doesn’t matter if you hit Cancel or click the X in the upper right corner. I suppose it would go away if I was successful in connecting to the blog, but alas it’s not happening.

I’m the Igloo Coder and they say that the definition of insanity is trying the same thing over and over while expecting a different result. Based on that either Word 2007 is insane or I am. I’ll let you decide that one.