Calgary Code Camp Review

I have to admit that I went to the Calgary Code Camp to attend the talks as well as see how the event was run. Overall the talks were great and the event ran quite smoothly. Two big thumbs up to the James and Bill on the success of their event. If you want to get a great overview of the content provided in some of the talks go to Justice’s blog. I warn you in advance of the sexual harassment that some of the posts contain.

Steven Rockarts posted a nice list of things that help make events like a Code Camp succeed. To add to both his and D’Arcy’s lists I will list these:

  • planning for hardware needs (not everyone carries a spare monitor extension cable)
  • don’t use a podium, have a speakers table setup
  • ensure that there is an adequate walking area in and out of the room that does not require people to walk in front of the projector
  • room for people to hang out. This could be a cabana area or just a wide open space outside of the presentation roomsCongrats to John Bristowe in is newly acquired Paint.NET MVP status.

I’m the Igloo Coder and here’s to Steven putting on a great Edmonton Code Camp just like the Calgary one.