Back in '92

Oil Country is pumping out the black gold! Tonight the Oilers advanced to round 3 (the semi finals) of the NHL playoffs. According to history buffs this is the first time that the Oil have been this far into the playoffs since 1992. So, as a retrospective, I’m going to outline what was happening in 1992.

  • Rodney King is taped being beaten
  • The Michelangelo virus, originating in Europe, disables computers worldwide
  • Riots break out in Los Angeles
  • Aurthur Ashe announces he has AIDS
  • Last episode of the Cosby show airs
  • NAFTA….need I say more
  • Michael Schumacher wins first ever Formula 1 race
  • The Pittsburg Penguins swept the Chicago Blackhawks to win the Stanley Cup
  • Mario Lemieux wins the Conn Smythe Trophy as playoff MVPI’m the Igloo Coder and I’m hoping the neighbours tone it down a bit before midnight comes around.