Quotes from DevTeach 2006

This week was a blast. Although the User Group leaders are a bunch of pretentious uppety-ups, I did manage to have a good time hanging out with them. We had a great time exploring the city in the evenings and the restaurant choices were top notch. Probably the most entertaining things to look back on will be the appearance of The Mad Mexican and Johnny ‘The Pimp’ Bristowe on the morning of the last day, the waiter at 3 Boussiers putting Jean-Luc in his place, the waitress at Baton Rouge on the last night and all the classic quotes that we heard each other say during the week.

Some of the quotes would make you laugh until you cried if you heard them in context, so I’ve decided to record them here for posterity.

  • Swear at me Nolan! Swear at me! – D’Arcy Lussier
  • …and that’s how you gather semen from a bull. – Your’s truly
  • Your head is so big. That is what happens when you work at Microsoft. – The Mad Mexican
  • Chris Dufor, please take your medication! – unknown
  • Hey cowboy! – waitress at Baton Rouge
  • We’re not from around here. – All of us at one time or another.
  • You’ve got a nice rump. – D’Arcy Lussier when talking to his wife
  • Can you hold my wireless please? – D’Arcy Lussier
  • Dude, I have that car in Project Gotham Racing! – D’Arcy LussierOne of the things that made this trip fun was the interaction with the serving staff at the restaurants that we went to. The waiters at Trois Boussier (both in Old Montreal and on St. Catherine) played along with every joke that we were making in their presence. The one that topped the list though was the waitress at Baton Rouge. She jumped right into the fray and was making fun of us (primarily me) through the whole evening. It’s amazing how much more fun the night is when you have someone else helping to play and participate in jokes.

I’m the Igloo Coder and I’m going to miss Montreal.