Johnny "The Pimp" Bristowe and the Mad Mexican

Johnny “The Pimp” Bristowe was presenting on Applications with Windows Presentation Foundation this morning when he was visited by The Mad Mexican. Apparentally these two were tag team partners back in the Mexican wrestling circuts. Just for old times sake, The Mad Mexican brought Johnny’s old attire. Apparentally working for Microsoft has cause The Pimp’s head to expand so he was unable to wear the bling-bling. At the urging of The Mad Mexican, The Pimp participated in a pose down. The video can be seen on YouTube here. I’m sure you can also check some of these blogs for further information:

  • Jason Row
  • Rob Windsor
  • D’Arcy LussierThe moral of the story here is that you should be very, very scared if people start showing up to your presentation enmass when there’s only 5 minutes left in it.