Advanced Version Control with Team Systems

One of the interesting concepts that came up in this talk was the idea that VSTS has you working off of a known working version of the source code. I see a problem with this. Working off a known working version of code is good, but working off the most recent known working version of code is the best. I don’t like the idea that I can be working off a base of code that, when I go to check in my code changes, is potentially different from the code that I made my changes work against. This is a problem that is easily rectified by requiring all developers to get the most recent version of code, which if checked in should be working, and then developing against that. My question is why doesn’t VSTS force this idea on you?

I’m sure that there are reasons but they haven’t been conveyed to me. If I get an answer I’ll post it.

Very good session put on by Barry Gervin.